Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in treatment of COVID-19 severe cases

Clinical reports and pathologic anatomic findings shown, progressive hypoxemia is the main cause of deterioration in patients with COVID-19.”The mortality rate of critical patients in WuHan is close to 60%, and we are trying to solve the problem of hypoxia,” Zhong Nanshan said on 27th Feb. HBOT is the strongest non-invasive oxygen therapy. In the early stage, 5 cases of severe and critical patients with COVID-19 a were clinically treated, which proved that the long-term excellent clinical effect of using HBOT in treating hypoxia was also applicable to COVID-19 patients. The effect of HBOT is better than breathing atmospheric high flow oxygen and mechanical ventilation techniques. It is suggested that promote HBOT as an oxygen therapy treatment for critically ill patients with COVID-19, which is expected to significantly improve the treatment efficiency, reduce the medical pressure and the risk of infection, and decrease the mortality rate of critical patients. It has practical significance for further accelerating the overall victory of this epidemic, achieving the most effective treatment and realizing infection prevention control.


Evaluation of the effectiveness of HBOT in oxygen therapy for critical patients with COVID-19.

5 critical patients showed consistent response to HBOT oxygen therapy
Zhong Yangling, the director of the Department of Hyperbaric Oxygen in Wuhan Yangtze River Shipping General Hospital, successfully carried out HBOT treatment in 5 patients with COVID-19 (2 critical and 3 severe), which got significant results. Case reports of the first patient have been published. 5 cases clinical analysis data shown: 


Treatment effect of progressive hypoxemia in severe patients:

– Rapid relief of hypoxic symptoms.

– Rapid correction of hypoxemia.

Comprehensive therapeutic effect of HBOT oxygen therapy on severe patients:

General condition reversal.

Clinical objective indicators improved.

Improved lung pathology.

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